Food Processing Hygiene

Kitchen counters and other surfaces used for food processing are often home to a multitude of pathogens and bacteria, which isn’t great for business! To combat this, SanSmart’s range of direct food contact surface approved sanitisers and hygiene products are an effective solution for decreasing pathogen and bacteria levels on all surfaces.

Unclean hands and wiping products remain one of the leading causes of the spread of bacteria in the food service environment. Ensuring the right products are available to help comply with HACCP and Food Safety regulations and guidelines is vital to maintaining the cleanest food service environment possible.

What is the HACCP?

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a program used to identify possible areas of contamination and institute a process to minimise risks. While originally deployed in the food processing industry, HACCP has now moved into the food service arena. This has actually seen hands designated as a Critical Control Point.