About Us

About Us

Clark Products Ltd has positioned itself at the forefront of the New Zealand chemical supplies industry, expanding from a small locally based enterprise some 50 years ago into a multimillion dollar market leader. Our comprehensive range of cleaning products and industrial chemicals is distributed throughout New Zealand.

We are absolutely committed to the establishment of long-term supply and procurement relationships with our customers, a commitment that is supported by our underlying philosophy.

Clark Products Ltd is a subsidiary of Connell Caldic Asia-Pacific

Our People

Our company values reside in the minds and actions of our employees. Knowing this, Clark Products Ltd works to attract and maintain a staff of highly qualified, motivated professionals who share our penchant for nurturing client relationships and helping them flourish.

Our staff members are skilled in more than one discipline and are accustomed to working closely with team members from other companies and industries. The flexibility and cross-disciplinary nature of our staff is an added benefit that Clark Products Limited passes on to our clients in the form of thoroughness and expediency and experience.

Clark Products Ltd continues to provide top quality products & services to customers nationwide & are just a toll-free phone call away...