Floor & Foot Care

Easy to install and even easier to operate – simply walk on or through them without breaking stride – Tacky Mats as well as Standard and Hi Wall Foot Baths are the go-to solution for these environments, eliminating dust, sediment, and debris that would otherwise be tracked into sensitive environments. The former’s adhesive surface easily cleans footwear of debris, and the latter’s dual action scrubs the soles of shoes while sanitising with a disinfectant solution which eliminates bacteria. It’s perfect when deeper, more extensive cleaning is required.

Heavy Duty Hi Wall Footbath

For applications requiring deeper foot immersion, try High-Wall Rubber Footbath. You can be sure that footwear is sanitised and the soles are scrubbed off. Excellent for incorporating into your food safety programs.

Additional Information

Footwear gets a thorough bath to eliminate both bacteria and soil with the Hi-Wall Footbath.  The rubber fingers scrub the soles of shoes clean, holding them out of accumulated sediment, while sanitising solution disinfects them.  Full 52mm height guarantees that sanitising solution contacts sole, sides and welt areas of boots, penetrating even into deep treads.   Step off clean and sanitary.  Larger size assures compliance.  The 812 x 990mm is  large enough to cover most doorways and guarantees personnel will not bypass the footbath and is long enough for workers to step in it with both feet without breaking their stride.

Product features / Benefits

  • Non slip surface to step onto
  • Constructed of heavy duty rubber
  • Solid walls will not sag or let solution run out
  • Larger size assures compliance 812mm x 990mm x 52mm
  • Stays put, won’t slide out of place whatever the surface is

Item Code # 430-2006
Colour Black
Size 812mm x 990mm x 52mm
Type Standard (QAC compatible)

Hycon Footbath Solution

This quaternary solution is used in conjunction with the High-Wall Rubber Footbath and the Standard Rubber Footbath.

Product Description

Hycon FB Solution is a superior performance Twin Chain Quaternary Ammonium solution, dispensed from a 10 litre container. It contains 120g per litre of Complex Quaternary Ammonium Chloride and is AgriQuality and NZFSA approved.

In addition to use in a Footbath, Hycon is effective as a spray solution on hard and absorbent surfaces, from grass to plastics and polymer materials.  It will kill moss, mould, algae, lichen etc on all types of surfaces.  Hycon’s formulation has surfactants that assist it to penetrate into porous surfaces such as concrete and fibrolite to reach sub surface microbes and spores.

Product Features/ Benefits

  • Better disinfectant performance than single chain quats
  • Broad spectrum biocidal activity against gram positive and gram negative organisms
  • Increased hard water tolerance for sanitising activity
  • Superior fungicidal performance
  • Substantial organic soil tolerance
  • Also available is a dispensing pump for accurate dispensing
  • MPI C41 Approved

Hycon Products:

10L Hycon Footbath Solution.  Code – HYCON.

Measuring Pump for Hycon.  Code – HYCON PUMP.

Standard Rubber Footbath

Stop contamination at the door – with the Standard Footbath! One step beyond the ordinary sanitising footbath, it both cleans and sanitises. Rubber fingers clean shoe or boot soles while solution sanitises them. This unique double action helps keep contamination from reaching food processing areas.

Product Description

As the user wipes his/her feet on the Footbath, hundreds of flexible rubber fingers clean dirt particles from the shoe or boot. Simultaneously the sole of the shoe or boot is lowered into the sanitising solution. The finger design lets contaminants settle undisturbed, while the shoe or boot contacts clean solution only. No tracking sediment back into the clean processing environment.

Products Features/ Benefits

  • Non slip surface to step onto
  • Constructed of heavy duty durable black rubber
  • Solid walls will not sag or let solution run out
  • Convenient 610mm x 812mm x 22mm size
  • Stays put, won’t slide out of place or blow away due to corrugated back
  • Easily service by just turning over

Item Code # 430-2005
Colour Black
Size 610mm x 812mm x 22mm
Type Standard (QAC compatible)

Tacky Mats

Available In: 30 disposable adhesive sheets

The most economical way to meet your clean room needs. The adhesive surface removes dirt and debris from the base of footwear by simply walking across the Tacky Mat.

Product Description

Each mat consists of 30 disposable adhesive sheets, when the top sheet becomes soiled, simply peel it off to expose a new clean surface. Tacky Mat installs in seconds and can last up to weeks at a time depending on the amount of traffic. No frame is required, adhesive backing adheres the Tacky Mat in place on the floor.  Available in two sizes.

Key Features/ Benefits

  • Anti-microbial germicide in all mats
  • Polyethylene Sheets. Non-allergenic. Non-odorous. Non-drying
  • Each sheet individually tabbed with exclusive pull-tab system
  • Solid adhesive – will not age
  • AsureQuality approved for Food/Beverage/Dairy/Pharmaceutical

Tacky Mat’s available in:

Small 460mm x 1170mm.  Code: 10-7008.

Large 610mm x 1170mm.  Code: 10-7010.