Commercial & Industrial Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Commercial & Industrial Hand Sanitiser Dispensers


SanSmart’s automatic hand sanitiser and soap dispensers are specially designed to administer antiseptic to these areas. Especially where there’s limited access to sinks or at passing points where hand sanitation is required.

These hands free, no touch dispensers use an infrared sensor to detect the user’s hands, discharging a pre-measured application of atomised sanitiser spray for the consistent reduction of bacteria and guaranteeing clean, hygienic hands each and every time.

The disposable bottle system also directly addresses contamination risks, while the ready to use bottle system shortens bottle replacement time with support for both foaming soap and instant mist sanitisers.

SanSmart has versatile options that suit almost every environment. Adjustable, manual dispensers don’t require power, which means they can be installed almost anywhere, while the low profile wall mounted design ensures hallways and other tight spaces remain unobstructed. Tough, durable, and wall mountable, they’re ideal for harsh wet or dry industrial environments like food processing and manufacturing.

3L Stainless Steel Dispensers

Available In: 3 Litre

Robust 5L Stainless Steel Dispensers take the 5L Instant Mist Hand Sanitiser.

Product Description

Hand Operated Knockout

Code: B108SSH

The B108SSH is a manual wrist-activated soap dispenser with full stainless steel construction for rugged durability. It has a 3 Litre capacity and dispenses a measured amount of sanitiser solution.  The 1-2 Knockout is a tough and durable wall mountable stainless steel dispenser designed for use in wet or dry environments and is great in harsh industrial areas of food processing and manufacturing.  Wrist activation reduces cross contamination by keeping hands from touching the nozzle.  The 1-2 Knockout accepts 3 Litre solutions of Smart San Instant Mist Hand Sanitiser.  Dimensions: 165W x 405H x 222D = 1.7kg.

Foot Operated EZ Step

Code: B102

Step into increased HACCP Compliance with proven, measurable results.  Simply and easy refill by replacing empty 3 Litre bottle with full one.  The EZ Step Foot Activated Sanitiser Dispenser is a simple to use, portable unit that can be placed anywhere.  Its open channel design is excellent for complete wash down. It is maintenance free – delivered completely assembled. This unit is engineered to withstand the harshest industrial environments and has no cracks or crevices for bacteria to harbour and grow. It is completely constructed of stainless steel. With the convenience of a sturdy pedal, one strong depression delivers a pre-measured shot of atomised sanitiser solution.

9000 Dispenser Range

Available In: 1.2L

Stylish and versatile 1.2L dispensers with the option of manual or hands free. All hand sanitiser dispensers in this range take 1.2L bottles of Instant Mist Hand Sanitiser and Smart San Foaming Soap.

Product Description


  • Manual dispenser: No need for any power source. Can be installed anywhere.
  • Low profile, wall mounted design: Won’t obstruct hallways and dispenses downwards for great hand coverage.
  • Disposable bottle system: Non refillable bottle-pump system stops contamination risk. Ready to use bottle shortens bottle replacement time.

MD9000AS – 1.2L manual dispenser takes the 1.2L Instant Mist Hand Sanitiser.

MD9000SF – 1.2L manual dispenser takes 1.2L Smart San Antibacterial Foaming Soap and 1.2L Smart San Fragranced Soap Green Apple.

Adjustable Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Stand

The adjustable dispenser stand holds the 9000 dispenser range and GUD1000. It can be placed virtually anywhere. A perfect solution where sinks are not available or at a passing point where hand sanitation is required.

Instant Mist Hand Sanitiser

Available In: 1.2L – 3L

Smart San Instant Mist Hand Sanitiser Spray goes beyond the conventional standard of hand washing. Bacteria and germs are killed in seconds on even the most difficult parts of the hands to clean.

Product Description

Smart San Instant Mist Hand Sanitiser is a unique, waterless alcohol based spray that kills germs in seconds.  Smart San Instant Mist is Food Grade approved making it ideal for all industrial or commercial food areas and has a faster effect time than soap.  Hands do not require a rinse before contact with food.

Smart San Instant Mist Hand Sanitiser contains a natural vegetable glycerin that will soften and improve skin condition of dry and chapped hands that can be caused from frequent hand washing and harsh soaps.  The Smart San advanced liquid formula is atomised when applied to the hands by a dispenser or pump. Unlike gels, sanitiser sprays will give complete coverage and saturate even the hard-to-get areas of the hands where most germs tend to reside, the nails and the cuticles.

Key Features/ Benefits

  • MPI C54 and AsureQuality assessed
  • Food grade safe
  • No rinse required after application
  • Available in a number of bottle sizes to suit your requirements
  • Manual and automatic dispensers available
  • Atomised spray with metered dispensing system
  • Protects and softens skin
  • More effective on hands than gels and foams

Smart San Instant Mist Hand Sanitiser available in:

1 Litre Instant Mist – Code: SA1010.  Dispenser pump sold separately.  Fits most automatic dispensers.  See Dispenser page.

1.2 Litre Instant Mist – Code: SA1012.  Fits the 1.2L dispensers from the 9000 Dispenser Range.

3 Litre Instant Mist – Code: SA1006.  Sold with dispenser pump. Sits on a bench or fits 3L Stainless Steel Holder, see Dispensers.

No Touch Hand Sanitiser / Soap Dispenser

Available In: 3 Litre

The key factor in controlling infection is perfect hand sanitation. Our automatic hand sanitiser dispensers are specially designed with a pressurised spray control to administer antiseptics especially to the fingers without wasting antiseptic solution. Problems such as the deterioration of the liquid and cross-contamination through towels, common with the Basin Method are no longer concerned.

Product Description

Hands free (meaning no touch) technology is widely becoming recognised as a win/win solution in reducing cost, waste and most importantly, reducing methods of cross contamination found in conventional touch stations. Fingertips are used to touch taps, press on soap dispensers, wipe dirt from eyes, put food in a mouth, etc. Approximately 40-50% of pathogens enter the body at the nails, cuticles, creases and crevices of hands. Studies show these are the SAME areas most frequently missed in hand washing.

Hard Wired Dispenser: Refillable – Code: B107

The B107 is a fully automatic, stainless steel, watertight dispenser for Smart San Instant Mist Hand Sanitiser.  3 Litre capacity, refillable from 5 Litres of Smart San Instant Mist.  Infrared sensor detects when hands are beneath the dispenser discharging a premeasured application of atomised sanitiser spray for consistent bacteria reduction.


  • Sensor-activated, touch free technology hygienically delivers soaps and disinfectants.
  • No touch hand hygiene eliminates cross-contamination and increases compliance.
  • Low profile, wall mounted design and won’t obstruct hallways and dispenses downwards for great hand coverage.
  • Adjustable dispensable count, choose between 1 or 2 dispenses per activation.

UD9000 – 1.2L automatic dispenser.