Outdoor & Glass Cleaners


Available In: 4kg & 20kg

A strong alkaline powder formulated to remove oil and grease from concrete. Safe to use on asphalt.


Available In: 5litre, 20litre, 200litre & 1000litre

A building and vehicle cleaner designed for quick and economical use through pressure spray equipment or manual application. It’s blend of detergents cut rapidly through road film and exerts a powerful emulsifying action. Dilution Rate: pressure wash 1 :40 parts water; brushing 1:100 parts water; blasting 1:20 parts water

QT-50 Lichen & Moss Killer

Available In: 5litre & 20litre

A concentrated non-chlorine liquid formulated to kill moss, lichen, mildew and slime on roofs, decks, awnings, walls cobbles, garden furniture, umbrellas etc. Safe on tar seal, synthetic courts and playgrounds – just spray on and leave! Reactivates with rain.Dilution Rate: 1:20-30 parts water.

Sub 30

Available In: 5litre, 20litre & 200litre

A slow release non-chlorine based liquid which kills mould, mildew and slime on surfaces which would normally be affected by chlorine.

Supaclene Heavy Duty Cleaner

Available In: 5litre 20litre & 200litre

A strong alkaline cleaner with effective grease cutting power to clean hard surfaces.


Available In: 5litre, 20litre & 200litre
A rapid drying premium quality window cleaner specially formulated to provide rapid streak free cleaning of all glass surfaces.