Food Hygiene – Dishwashing Products

Food Hygiene – Dishwashing Products

Austral Lemon Dishwash

Available In: 5Lt, 20Lt & 200Lt

Economy Lemon scented detergent with a neutral pH which performs well in all water conditions.

Lime Dishwash Liquid

Available In: 2Lt, 5Lt, 20Lt & 200Lt

High quality general purpose detergent which gives excellent results in all water conditions while being mild on hands.

Rinse Aid

Available In: 500ml & 5Lt

Finishing liquid for auto dishwashers leaving glassware, cutlery and crockery sparkling and free from water spotting.


Available In: 4kg, 10kg & 25kg

Concentrated dishwasher powder specially formulated to produce excellent results in automatic dishwashing machines.

Super Dishwash Liquid

Available In: 5Lt, 20Lt & 200Lt
Premium quality liquid detergent for cleaning heavily soiled dishes while maintaining high detergency in greasy conditions.

Wisk Lemon Detergent

Available In: 2litre
Economy dish washing liquid in a convenient pump action dispenser. Fast dissolving action on greases and oils plus it is suitable for hard-surface cleaning about the home. Lemon fragranced.

Wizzwash Commercial Dishwash Liquid

Available In: 5Lt, 20Lt & 200Lt

Chlorinated alkaline commercial dishwasher liquid with high grease and soil penetration and low residue.