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Independent research trials show that the magnesium in More-Mag® lasts for longer than traditional forms of magnesium. One oral drench dose will last for up to 10 days which makes More-Mag® a strategic tool in the agricultural toolbox. Identifying and dosing just the dairy cows “at-risk” of being downer cows makes More-Mag® cost-effective for any farm in NZ. And, because its not a daily drench, there is minimal human interference pre-calving which is ideal for the NZ desire of easy care agriculture.

More-Mag® has a role in NZ Agriculture. New Zealand has more than 4 million dairy cows, exporting more than 90% of the milk produced. This makes dairy farming hugely important to New Zealand agriculture. Dairy cows in NZ are predominantly in a grazing system, and NZ dairy farmers are renowned worldwide for being agricultural leaders in milk production from pasture.

The vast majority of NZ dairy cows calve in spring, and even though the climate is classed as temperate, metabolics from magnesium and calcium deficiency are common. For more than 15 years, More-Mag® has been trusted by NZ dairy vets and NZ dairy farmers to aid in the prevention of metabolics, and the reduction of clinical signs of magnesium deficiency.

You can get More-Mag® from your local Veterinarian, RD1, PGG Wrightson, Farmlands or CRT store. You can also buy on-line from Animal Supplies.

More-Mag® has undergone independent research trials, and a summary of some of the trial data is published in the tech manual above. More-Mag® has been trusted by dairy farmers around New Zealand for more than 20 years because it consistently works, year after year, after year.

Why use More-Mag®.

5 reasons why you should use More-Mag®.

1. One dose pre-calving aids in the prevention of downer cows from magnesium deficiency. Use More-Mag® to aid in the prevention of magnesium metabolics that are both clinical (the cows that actually go down) and sub-clinical (where she is deficient, but might not actually fall over).

2. Every case of magnesium metabolics will reduce milk production – Use More-Mag® to reduce the impact of magnesium deficiency on milk production.

3. Strategic dosing makes More-Mag® cost effective – save one cow and its more than paid for itself

  • Choose older cows
  • Choose heifers
  • Choose cows with a history of metabolics
  • Choose cows due to calve when bad weather is predicted
  • Choose cows being induced

4. More-Mag® is easy to use – 1 dose gives up to 10 days of a cows magnesium requirements pre-calving and during lactation

5. More-Mag® is endorsed by dairy vets and farmers around the country because it works!


More-Mag® Trial Data

More-Mag® benefits all cattle breeds to aid in the prevention and treatment of magnesium deficiency. A number of independent trials have been run with More-Mag®, and a selection of those are detailed in the Technical Manual. You can contact us or any of the suppliers of More-Mag® for an in-depth chat about these trials.

Magnesium deficiency is more likely to occur at calving, when there is a huge demand on the cow (across all cattle breeds) both in the birthing process and then the demands of milk production. Dairy cows do however tend to have a higher rate of metabolics from magnesium deficiency than beef cattle breeds because dairy cows are bred to produce much greater quantities of milk.