Mandersons Mix

Product Category: Beef and Sheep, Dairy, Dom Health, Equine

Manderson’s Mix™ is a drench containing a combination of oils that may help animals suffering from stress.

The blend of oils in Manderson’s Mix™ supports healthy gut function as well as skin and hair growth. Use Manderson’s Mix™ all year round, and notice the difference when you clip. Manderson’s Mix™ is easy to use, just pour the dose on the feed.

  • Oral drench to benefit animals under stress
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to administer in a one-off drench
  • Completely natural and safe
  • No withholding periods for meat or milk

Anecdotally, farmers who have used MANDERSON’s MIX™ have observed rapid recovery of stock suffering from stress.

Thirty-five years ago a Kairanga (Manawatu) dairy farmer, Peter Manderson, developed Manderson’s Mix™. Since then, his blend of oils called Manderson’s Mix™, has been used and praised by farmers throughout the North Island.

Mr Manderson is a successful farmer and former owner of the Luck Hollow Holstein Friesian Stud, which is now owned and operated by his sons. He developed Manderson’s Mix™ for his stocks ailments. Adding the oil blend to a predominantly pasture diet seemed to be just the ticket to offer his cows a more nutritionally balanced diet, and aid in the recovery of animals that had suffered from stress.

The mode of action of Manderson’s Mix™ is, at this stage, unknown. However, veterinarians and nutritionists alike, are able to explain the health benefits of the vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that are contained in the oil blend.