Naturally formulated Deodorgrans from Vaportek – a powerful and economical dry granular odour control agent. Controls odours instantly and leaves a pleasant, fresh scented environment.

Product Description

Deodorgrans contains Vaportek’s exclusive, natural odour controller.  This unique and safe formula works fast, is long-lasting and neutralises odours on contact.  Use Deodorgrans to effectively control malodors between emptying and cleaning refuse receptacles.  Specially formulated Deodorgrans features citronella oil – a natural ingredient that helps deter flying insects.

Deodorgrans is a user-friendly product.  Simply shake or spread into or around dumpsters, garbage containers and musty areas.  One scoop used in an average-size dumpster will effectively kill garbage odors for up to seven days.  Adding more will effectively maintain deodorising effectiveness.  The natural essential oil ingredients in Deodorgrans do not support the growth of bacteria.  It is safe and biodegradable, making it environmentally and user-friendly.


  • Garbage Dumpsters
  • Trash cans, containers and compactors
  • Dock Areas
  • Storage Areas
  • Labs
  • Garbage Collection Trucks
  • Ash trays/smoking stands….and more!

Use Deodorgrans to quickly and effectively deodorise the following odour problems: biohazardous medical waste, food wastes, degrading odiferous materials, chemical spills, poorly ventilated spaces or more.