Standard Rubber Footbath

Product Category: Floor & Foot Care, Sansmart

Stop contamination at the door – with the Standard Footbath! One step beyond the ordinary sanitising footbath, it both cleans and sanitises. Rubber fingers clean shoe or boot soles while solution sanitises them. This unique double action helps keep contamination from reaching food processing areas.

Product Description

As the user wipes his/her feet on the Footbath, hundreds of flexible rubber fingers clean dirt particles from the shoe or boot. Simultaneously the sole of the shoe or boot is lowered into the sanitising solution. The finger design lets contaminants settle undisturbed, while the shoe or boot contacts clean solution only. No tracking sediment back into the clean processing environment.

Products Features/ Benefits

  • Non slip surface to step onto
  • Constructed of heavy duty durable black rubber
  • Solid walls will not sag or let solution run out
  • Convenient 610mm x 812mm x 22mm size
  • Stays put, won’t slide out of place or blow away due to corrugated back
  • Easily service by just turning over

Item Code # 430-2005
Colour Black
Size 610mm x 812mm x 22mm
Type Standard (QAC compatible)