Restorator Odour Control Unit

The Superior Alternative to Ozone Cleaning. Restorator Industrial Odour Neutraliser. The Restorator unit is a simple to use portable electric unit that is designed for quick “knock down” situations to control and eliminate bad odours. The Restorator uses a patented essential oil membrane to release a non-toxic odour neutralising dry vapour into the air. This penetrating vapour rapidly controls and eliminates bad odours from smoke, food and biological odours.

Product Features / Benefits

  • Uses easy to use spill-proof cartridge
  • Available in 240v and 12v models
  • Features convenient carrying handle
  • Superior dirt resistant finish
  • Safer than ozone or chemical fogging
  • Will not harm fabric, rubber, adhesives or remove pigment from leather
  • Does not introduce any moisture into the treatment area eliminating possible risk of damage
  • Removes odours safely and quickly and requires no recovery period after treatment

Applications include

  • Car valet services
  • Buses, taxis
  • Fire and flood restoration
  • Rental and real estate properties
  • Hospitality industry (smoking and cooking odours