No Touch Hand Sanitiser / Soap Dispenser

The key factor in controlling infection is perfect hand sanitation. Our automatic hand sanitiser dispensers are specially designed with a pressurised spray control to administer antiseptics especially to the fingers without wasting antiseptic solution. Problems such as the deterioration of the liquid and cross-contamination through towels, common with the Basin Method are no longer concerned.

Product Description

Hands free (meaning no touch) technology is widely becoming recognised as a win/win solution in reducing cost, waste and most importantly, reducing methods of cross contamination found in conventional touch stations. Fingertips are used to touch taps, press on soap dispensers, wipe dirt from eyes, put food in a mouth, etc. Approximately 40-50% of pathogens enter the body at the nails, cuticles, creases and crevices of hands. Studies show these are the SAME areas most frequently missed in hand washing.

Hard Wired Dispenser: Refillable – Code: B107

The B107 is a fully automatic, stainless steel, watertight dispenser for Smart San Instant Mist Hand Sanitiser.  3 Litre capacity, refillable from 5 Litres of Smart San Instant Mist.  Infrared sensor detects when hands are beneath the dispenser discharging a premeasured application of atomised sanitiser spray for consistent bacteria reduction.


  • Sensor-activated, touch free technology hygienically delivers soaps and disinfectants.
  • No touch hand hygiene eliminates cross-contamination and increases compliance.
  • Low profile, wall mounted design and won’t obstruct hallways and dispenses downwards for great hand coverage.
  • Adjustable dispensable count, choose between 1 or 2 dispenses per activation.

UD9000 – 1.2L automatic dispenser.