Hycon Footbath Solution

Product Category: Floor & Foot Care, Sansmart

This quaternary solution is used in conjunction with the High-Wall Rubber Footbath and the Standard Rubber Footbath.

Product Description

Hycon FB Solution is a superior performance Twin Chain Quaternary Ammonium solution, dispensed from a 10 litre container. It contains 120g per litre of Complex Quaternary Ammonium Chloride and is AgriQuality and NZFSA approved.

In addition to use in a Footbath, Hycon is effective as a spray solution on hard and absorbent surfaces, from grass to plastics and polymer materials.  It will kill moss, mould, algae, lichen etc on all types of surfaces.  Hycon’s formulation has surfactants that assist it to penetrate into porous surfaces such as concrete and fibrolite to reach sub surface microbes and spores.

Product Features/ Benefits

  • Better disinfectant performance than single chain quats
  • Broad spectrum biocidal activity against gram positive and gram negative organisms
  • Increased hard water tolerance for sanitising activity
  • Superior fungicidal performance
  • Substantial organic soil tolerance
  • Also available is a dispensing pump for accurate dispensing
  • MPI C41 Approved

Hycon Products:

10L Hycon Footbath Solution.  Code – HYCON.

Measuring Pump for Hycon.  Code – HYCON PUMP.