Heavy Duty Stand Alone Cartridges

The Heavy Duty Stand Alone Industrial Cartridge is designed to be located in front of high speed air dryers to provide fast and efficient odour control after carpet cleaning. The cartridge contains a patented essential oil membrane that releases a non-toxic odour controller into the air. The dry vapour deodoriser quickly permeates all porous surfaces it comes into contact with.

Product Features / Benefits

  • Requires no noisy foggy apparatus or evacuation of treatment area
  • Cartridge will last up to 8 weeks in typical use
  • Treats areas up to 1600sq ft (185sq m)
  • Rotating end caps allow for precise output control of deodoriser vapour
  • Optional reusable cartridge stabiliser
  • Size 150mm x 90mm
  • Weight = 0.5kg

Cartridges available:

SOS HD Stand Alone Cartridge.  Code – 90-2200-85.

Heavy Duty Stand Alone Cartridge.  Code – 90-2200.

Stabiliser for Industrial Cartridge.  Code – 90-2201.