Antibacterial Foaming Soap

The moment you try Smart San Foaming Soap, you will know the difference. Smart San Antibacterial Foaming Soap provides a thick lather for excellent coverage and superb cleansing characteristics.

Product Description

The Smart San Foaming Soap range is environmentally safe which makes it soft on hands whilst meeting national and international guidelines for products used in food areas.  With approximately 1200 dispenses per litre Smart San Foaming Soap provides the lowest total cost per wash.  Available in 1.2L and 3L refill bottles with foaming soap dispenser options for both, it avoids messy refilling and risk of contamination with quick and easy replacement.

Smart San Antibacterial Foaming Soap is powerful and effective against food-borne bacterial pathogens.  The antibacterial fragrance free formulation gently washes germs away and kills bacteria. It was designed especially with the food industry in mind and meets national and international guidelines for products used in food areas.  Our formulation is environmentally safe and hands friendly. It is dispensed onto the hands as a rich foam for better coverage than conventional liquid soaps with little waste going down the drain. Smart San Foaming Soap goes twice as far as liquid soap which proves to be a great buy for the customer.

Smart San Foaming Soap available in:

Antibacterial Foaming Soap 1.2 Litre.  Code – 56000.  Fits the 1.2L dispensers MD9000, MD9000SF and UD9000.

Antibacterial Foaming Soap 3 Litre.  Code – 56025.  Comes with dispenser pump, can sit on bench or fits with 3L stainless steel holder, see Dispensers.