3L Stainless Steel Dispensers

Robust 5L Stainless Steel Dispensers take the 5L Instant Mist Hand Sanitiser.

Product Description

Hand Operated Knockout

Code: B108SSH

The B108SSH is a manual wrist-activated soap dispenser with full stainless steel construction for rugged durability. It has a 3 Litre capacity and dispenses a measured amount of sanitiser solution.  The 1-2 Knockout is a tough and durable wall mountable stainless steel dispenser designed for use in wet or dry environments and is great in harsh industrial areas of food processing and manufacturing.  Wrist activation reduces cross contamination by keeping hands from touching the nozzle.  The 1-2 Knockout accepts 3 Litre solutions of Smart San Instant Mist Hand Sanitiser.  Dimensions: 165W x 405H x 222D = 1.7kg.

Foot Operated EZ Step

Code: B102

Step into increased HACCP Compliance with proven, measurable results.  Simply and easy refill by replacing empty 3 Litre bottle with full one.  The EZ Step Foot Activated Sanitiser Dispenser is a simple to use, portable unit that can be placed anywhere.  Its open channel design is excellent for complete wash down. It is maintenance free – delivered completely assembled. This unit is engineered to withstand the harshest industrial environments and has no cracks or crevices for bacteria to harbour and grow. It is completely constructed of stainless steel. With the convenience of a sturdy pedal, one strong depression delivers a pre-measured shot of atomised sanitiser solution.